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How to bulid an effective organization?This is the main topic of the book-Case In Organizational Behavior edited by Dr. Gerard H. Seijts from the University of Western Ontario in Canada,2006.As the one of Ivey Casebook Series,it consist of 32 field-based cases including Motivating Go-Slow workers about Top Fashion Co. Ltd.

“the case illustrates a typical labor-intensive industry that is characterized by furious competiotion and low employee loyalty”, “companies that have become successful and leaders in their respective industries have mastered the art of managing people and resources”.

Why Top Fashion’s productivity is 30% more than other fatys in the same market?To make our quality level higher,leadtime faster and service better,we focus on:

Procedure control: we adopeted JIT system(Just In Time)as our production strategy,which is operated by the unit synchronous running in every sewing line in order to avoid defects in advance,reduce wastage,and shorten production cycle;

Data tracking: Supported by our ERP system(Enterprise Resource Planning),we check all production datas daily and evaluate weekly from materials purchase to garment shipment for each order to make sure of every step is stable and foreseeable;

Motivation: Our system of the personnel performance appraisal motivates workers fairly and efficiently.We decided the prices of piecework for each procedure in advance by deliberation and negotiation with worker’s representative,the industrial engineer and the factory director.

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