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The difference between seamless underwear and slit underwear

2017-06-26 12:45:08

Suture underwear is the traditional knitwear, mainly knitted fabric with large round machine, after cutting the garment, then stitched into clothing, similar to the ordinary woven fabric sewing process. There are seams and seams on both sides of it, it will feel uncomfortable, or the skin is sewn, and the elasticity is not good enough to be fitted, and it may become larger for a long time.

Seamless knitwear refers to the use of a small special circular machine in the way of weft knitting, according to the pre designed computer program, once woven into a tube like piece (without side seam), and then the garment is dyed and fixed, then a simple cut and suture, then made into a garment.

1, because it has no side gap, the continuous weft knitted fabric makes the sheet have super stretch and far more than the sewing garment.

2, in order to meet the needs of different functions and beautiful designs, a variety of organization and structure can be woven on the garment piece once, and the connection and excessive between organization and organization are seamless connection.

3, a variety of fiber can be used for mixing, especially the advantages of the elastic fiber and other fibers, which not only embodies the comfort and beauty of the fiber, but also reflects the use of resistance to washing and easy to use.

4, therefore, the seamless process is especially suitable for knitted underwear and sportswear. It is very considerate and comfortable, without oppression and discomfort.


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