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Is salt water washing new underwear useful?

2020-05-26 12:55:42

Many people wear new underwear and wash it with salt water before going to bed. Is there any scientific reason?

Most consumers like to wear underwear made of pure cotton or silk, because they are comfortable to wear. However, no matter what material is made of fabric, the fabric is dyed and processed by other methods, and white is more whitening, so the surface of the clothes is unavoidable with the residue of dye and chemical finishing agent. The free formaldehyde, which we usually mention, is produced during the finishing process of textiles in order to prevent the fabric from wrinkling in the process of high temperature processing. This is one of the finishing agents for pure cotton and polyester cotton textiles. In addition, there are 18 azo dyes in dyed cotton dyestuffs, which have been proved to be harmful to the human body and are banned in Europe, but are still in use in some textile mills in China.

Our country has standard for all kinds of harmful substances in textile and garment processing. The products produced by general large enterprises can reach this standard, but there are many small enterprises in the textile industry, and there are not many of them. For safety reasons, it is recommended that everyone should wash before wearing new underwear.

Do you have to wash it with salt water? Not always. The main components of brine are sodium chloride, dyestuff and finishing.


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